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Senior Pet Care

Calm the Angry GI Tract - What’s New in Nutrition

This course discusses the clinical signs of gastrointestinal issues, one of the most common reasons pets visit the veterinary hospital. It also addresses the importance of nutritional management as a part of therapy in managing vomiting and diarrhea.

Team Approach to Recognizing and Treating Chronic Inflammation in Senior Pets

Based on a team approach, this course covers an introduction to inflammation in senior pets, its effect on quality of life, and how to treat it.

Approach to Urinary Incontinence in the Senior Dog - Drippy Old Dogs

Gain an understanding of the common causes of urinary health problems in senior dogs, and how diagnosis and treatment differs from non-senior patients.

It's Not Just Old Age - Optimizing Health Care for Senior Cats

This course focuses on the importance of senior cat patient care and the four pillars of the preventive health care visit, as well as how to detect and treat disease in senior cats.

It's Tough Getting Old; What Else Can Go Wrong?

In this course, we will cover aging in senior pets, with a focus on inflammation and urinary health in senior patients.

Putting Senior Chronic Pain Out to Pasture: NSAIDs and Beyond

This course examines the differences between animal and human pain and how to manage chronic pain in pets.

Your Urinary Toolkit for Older Dogs

This course provides specific tools for testing and treatment of urinary problems in senior pets, including the value of different tests and specific problems in different breeds and genders.