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Chronic Inflammation Management

Osteoarthritis and Weight Control: The Effects and Management

An introduction to osteoarthritis in pets, including the risk factors, prevalence, diagnosis, and management of the condition and associated health issues in aging animals.

Chronic Pain - In for the Long Haul?

Participants taking this course will learn about chronic pain in relation to osteoarthritis (OA) and how to diagnose pain and the options to help manage maladaptive pain and OA.

Feline Arthritis: Understanding the Silent Pain

In this course the participant will explore the causes of feline arthritis, how to help clients identify associated clinical signs, and how to treat this common feline condition.

Canine Urine Soiling

This course discusses the prevalence, diagnosis and management of the various types of canine urination.  It takes a close look at the medical management of urine soiling and the behavioral management aspect of the issue. 

Inflammation in Periodontal Disease - What is the Culprit? Bacteria or Host?

This course covers oral inflammation resulting from periodontal disease, including how the disease starts and progresses, identifying the source of the infection, potential systemic impact if untreated, and prevention and treatment options.

Banishing Chronic Pain

This course covers all aspects of animal pain, including the differences of human and animal pain, main management, how pain effects animals, different categories of pain, understanding the pain management pyramid, and resources to learn more.

Breaking Down the Inflammatory Process

Gain insight on the inflammatory process, its effects on animals, and how to improve the quality of life for pets suffering from inflammation.

Osteoarthritis in Cats

An overview of health care for senior cats, focusing on the prevalence of osteoarthritis and treatments.

Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Elbow, Hip and Stifle Disease in Canines

A look at cranial cruciate ligament ruptures (CCLR) in dogs: what they are, their risks, and how to detect and treat them.

The Veterinary Team Approach to Combating Inflammation

The impact of inflammation in quality of life, health, and resulting illness, as well as its causes and treatment.